60th Gift Ideas


60th Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

If you’re looking for party ideas and decorations for a 60th birthday party then you’re arrived at the right place! Check out all the different party decorations below, from balloons to party poppers:

60th Birthday Party Themes

Often the simplest way to kit out a party is to choose a particular theme and then just buy the decorations from within that theme. The result is often a very professional look, with all the party items fitting into the colour scheme.

Popular themes include pink and blue, ideal for either a birthday girl or boy.


60th Birthday Balloons

Every party needs balloons, and a 60th party is no different to the rest! However, don’t buy any old balloons – instead get these 60th-themed balloons.

Also, it’s always good if some of the balloons rise to the ceiling rather than collecting on the floor, so get this small Helium Cyclinder to inflate some of the balloons with helium gas.



60th Birthday Decorations

Balloons are the staple of any birthday party, but if you want to take things on an extra step then you’ll need some decorations. From 60th birthday badges to candles and confetti, all the party decorations you could ever need are right here.



60th Birthday Tableware

If you’re not serving food then give this section a miss, but if you are (and let’s be honest, most 60th birthday parties do have food) then take a look at this themed tableware and partyware, from 60th birthday paper plates to glasses.



Party Poppers

Where there’s a party there are almost always party poppers present. Here you’ll find a huge array of party popper packs.

Party Poppers


60th Birthday Banners

Imagine the scene. The 60th birthday boy or girl enters the room and is greeted by cheers and a huge ‘Happy 60th Birthday’ Banner stretching right across one of the walls. It looks fantastic and is a great way to show how much effort and planning went into organising their party.

60th Banners