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Lord and Lady Gift Box

What do you buy the person who seems to have everything? You make them a Lord or Lady of course!

With the Lord and Lady Gift Box you really can make someone that you know a Lord or Lady, so what does this entail?

What’s Included in this Gift

When you purchase this gift you will be buying a square foot of land which is located in the Scottish Highlands on the Kincavel Estate.

As all owners of land in Scotland are entitled legally to call themselves a Laird (Lord or Lady in English) your recipient will also be able to use this title for themselves as they too will be a Scottish landowner.

As soon as this gift has been registered your recipient will be the proud owner of a Scottish token piece of land and they will then be able to call themselves Lord or Lady.

Laird or Lady Gift Box

Why It’s a Great Gift

As you would think this is a really fun gift that anyone of any age will want to own. It is a particularly great idea for anyone who is usually really difficult to buy for someone who is approaching a milestone birthday, such as a 60th birthday.

Imagine the look on your recipient face when they open their present to discover that they are now a real Lord or Lady. This is the kind of thing that will get everyone talking and it is the kind of gift that you probably won’t find in the high street.

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If you are interested in purchasing this gift for someone that you know you will be pleased to know that in the gift box there are plenty of items…

Inside the Gift Box

– A map of the local area where your recipient square foot of land is, so they can see exactly where it is and show it to anyone who wants to see if for themselves.

– A list of frequently asked questions and answers that can help your recipient to learn more about their new title and the legality of it.

– A certificate that will announce the person listed as a Laird of Kincavel – they can then proudly show this in their home to any visitors that they might have.

– Information and facts on the estate itself and the surrounding area. This is really interesting and can help the new Lord or Lady to be clued up about the estate their land is on. They can also use this to answer any other questions they might have about the land on which they are now the Lord or Lady of.

– A map of Scotland which will clearly show where Kincavel Estate is.

– A book – the Little History of Scotland which is a great read and one that your recipient will want to sit down with and find out more.

– A registration card that is freepost – when your recipient gets this they will then be issued with a Land Deed that is personalised with their own unique plot number that will clearly distinguish the area of land that their own on the estate.

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