60th Gift Ideas


60th Birthday Cards

We might be in the internet age but ecards are never going to cut it. Just as much as ever you need to give a birthday card.

A card helps to add that personal touch to your gift, and choosing and writing one does show that you care and have put a good amount of thought into their upcoming birthday.

Below we’ve picked out many of the best 60th birthday cards:

60th Birthday CD & Greeting Card

Classic Years CD CardOnly £6.99
A gift and a card in one, all for an incredibly low price. This card comes with a music CD containing 20 of the best hits from 60 years ago.

Personalised Birthday Cake Card

Birthday Cake CardOnly £2.99

For the price of an ordinary card you can get this personalised one, and it can also be personalised to say ‘Happy 60th’.


Personalised 60 Today Pink Dots Card

Pink Dots CardOnly £2.99

A large A5 card with a glossy laminated finish, this card can be personalised with their name at the top of it.


Personalised 60 Today Red Card

60 Today Red CardOnly £2.99

This is the ‘brother’ card to the pink dots one above, it’s also A5 in size and can be personalised with their name.


Photo Upload Birthday News Card

News CardOnly £2.99

A fun card where you can make their 60th birthday the headline news! You will need a photo which you can upload to use as the image on the card.