60th Gift Ideas


60th Birthday Historic Newspaper

A 60th birthday is a time when a person will often want to look back on their memories and celebrate their life so far.

Part of helping someone to celebrate their 60th birthday is choosing them a gift that they will cherish for many years. One type of gift that they will do this with is the Original 60th Birthday Historic Newspaper.

This is a newspaper from the birthday boy or girl’s birth date that has been reproduced just for them.

These historic newspapers are filled with information and they provide the perfect way for a friend or family member to look back on the time when they were born with fondness.

You will be creating real living history by purchasing a gift like this and your recipient will be thrilled to receive it.

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Not only do are these newspapers totally accurate, they are simply copied versions of original archive newspapers, they also feel like the real thing. In fact many people who have had these bought for them say that the feel and the smell of them takes them back years and sends shivers up their spine.

60th Birthday Newspaper

As you can see a personalised newspaper for someone who is going to be 60 could be one of the best gifts that you ever purchase.

Remember that this gift is the entire newspaper from the time copied out page by page. You will not simply buying a reproduction front cover of a newspaper, which is what many sellers will offer.

How can they be personalised?

If you are interested in buying this kind of gift you will want to know how they can be personalised. While you will not be able to alter any of the printer that is on the front of the newspaper, as this is the original version, you can personalise the Certificate of Authority that comes with every paper. On this certificate you can choose to have:

The name of the recipient – you can choose to have their full name on this or you might want to use a particular nickname that will make them smile.

The occasion that is being celebrated – in this case you will be adding 60th Birthday. However you can add any occasion that you like, such as a wedding anniversary if you are making a purchase for a couple.

Your own personal choice of message or greeting – this can add a really fantastic to achieve your gift and it will make it even more special to your recipient.

Some of the gift boxes that are available:

There are three main gift boxes that you can purchase to contain the newspaper, these include:

Standard Gift box – this is light blue and has ‘A Day to Remember’ on the front in silver foil. Inside the newspaper will be wrapped in tissue along with its certificate.

Premium gift box – this is dark green and has ‘A Day to Remember’ on the front in gold on the textured surface.

Deluxe satin-lined gift box – in this box your newspaper will not be folded, it will be rolled as this will help to protect it. The box is a wonderful red colour and comes with red satin lining and your recipient’s certificate.

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